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SCF June

10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound sack

Yak , Heifer (female) |Imperial Trim

DOB: 6/2/2020 (3 yrs)

Sire: WHF Cash

the man in black

WHF Cash

Bull (male) Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# 2C250 DOB: 6/11/20158 yrs
This big guy always amazes us. He is a gentle giant. Cash loves his treats and is completely and utterly respectful to his cows, and especially to us. He is a wonder to watch and admire, his movements flowing, strong, and he is everything majestic that hooked us on this beautiful breed. He seems to instinctively know to give us space in the pasture when we are working. When with his ladies and his babies, he is a leader and a calm protector, and will be seen laying with his calves all ar ...
  | IYAK - Foundation# 2C250 | Imperial
Dam: OHY Crystal Gayle


OHY Crystal Gayle

Cow (female) Imperial Trim

IYAK - Foundation# 2E103 DOB: 6/29/20176 yrs
We call Crystal Gayle "Gigi" at the farm because she is a picture perfect copy of her momma, Gertie Gruntsalot. Gigi is super wooly and has an impressive pedigree which includes lineage from the valued bloodlines of Dreadlock, Queen Allante, and Escalade. Her fiber is superb....if we could only have enough days to comb her completely out we would know how much we actually harvest. Fiber on her is in abundance at each combing each spring. It never seems to end. She has a beautiful tempe ...
  | IYAK - Foundation# 2E103 | Imperial Trim
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Yak like June are exactly what hooked us on this incredible breed! June approaches us at the fence with excitement every day--she recognizes our movement and voice and wants to socialize with us! She will bring her head close to get a head scratch and loving at all times. She was the very first calf born to our farm-- momma let us pick her up, check her out and cuddle her within hours of her arrival which created a human imprint and her bond to us.

June is currently registered with USYAKS, both her sire and dam are dual registered.

She is curious. She is spunky. She is strong and presents as a leader among her yearling brothers and growing calf siblings.

Her fiber is dazzling, prolific and wooly but not unmanageable as it releases from her long outer layer locks with ease.

June is learning excellent babysitter skills and is everything we want to have here in our Silver Cuff pastures.

Temperament ~ Fiber ~ Pedigree = home run.

Updated 4/10/2023