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Heifer (female)

10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound sack
Heifer (female) 2 yrs Imperial Trim
Not for Sale

Cow (female)

Cow (female) 5 yrs Imperial Trim
Not for Sale
small & sassy
Cow (female) 5 yrs Native Trim
Not for Sale
oh those eyes
Cow (female) 5 yrs Native
Not for Sale
welcoming committee
Cow (female) 6 yrs Royal
Not for Sale

Bull (male)

the man in black
Bull (male) 7 yrs Imperial
Not for Sale
wow oh wow
Bull (male) 2 yrs Imperial
Not for Sale
Last call to be your breeding bull!
Bull (male) 2 yrs Imperial Trim

Steer (male)

lover boy
Steer (male) 3 yrs Royal

Heifer Calf (female)

pure joy
Heifer Calf (female) Under 1 yr Imperial Trim
Not for Sale