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SCF Beau

Fiber King

Yak , Bull (male) |Imperial Trim

DOB: 6/16/2020

Sire: WHF Cash

the man in black

WHF Cash

Bull (male) Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# 2C250 DOB: 6/11/20157 yrs
This big guy always amazes us. He is a gentle giant. Cash loves his treats and is completely and utterly respectful to his cows, and especially to us. He is a wonder to watch and admire, his movements flowing, strong, and he is everything majestic that hooked us on this beautiful breed. He seems to instinctively know to give us space in the pasture when we are working. When with his ladies and his babies, he is a leader and a calm protector, and will be seen laying with his calves all ar ...
  | IYAK - Foundation# 2C250 | Imperial
Dam: OHY Smiley Miley

welcoming committee

OHY Smiley Miley

Cow (female) Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2E100 DOB: 7/6/20166 yrs
Smiley was born with Royal black & white markings on her hind quarter that looked like a sideways smiley face. This fits her personality perfectly. This sweet pink nose greets us any time she can for a cuddle and comic relief. She loves water and looks out for whenever we have the hose out near the pasture as she wants to get wet, play and be silly. Her first calf, SCF Beau, has this playful spirit as well and is the first of the calves to start an afternoon run around the pasture and it l ...
  | IYAK - Foundation# 2E100 | Royal
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Beau has grown to become the sweetest, calm young bull with an incredible set of horns and big, strong conformation. Fiber was abundant, fine of high quality and easily released off his shiny coat this past spring!

Beau goes into the chute easily for grooming as well as allows us to comb and trim his hooves as needed tied in the pasture on a halter. For a 2 year old bull weighing in at over 900 lbs, this is an incredible show of temperment, mutual respect and trust.

Nice pairing between Smiley (his Royal dam) and Cash, our Imperial herd sire. Beau has the best coupled temperament grabbing Smiley's friendliness and curious personality with Cash's calm and respectful demeanor.

Updated 3/12/2023